1. Kanto fan

    Good job! The squirtle like the bulbasaur and charmander look really awesome! I tried doing something similar to yours by converting it from a PDF to a word docx and then rescaled it on word, then printed it out and uses cereal boxes but my product (in this case a Mudkip) didn’t come out looking as good as yours ( I also printed the templates in color so just a 3 times more pages the te original template. Do you have any helpful tips or advice. Or also could maybe share the psd or excel file you used for the previous kanto starters or is that too much to ask. Regardless I’m a big fan of your word and keep it up! Thanks

    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your kind comments! I’d be really keen to see some photos of that Mudkip!
      In order to respect the hard work of the Pokemon Papercraft guys who put together the original templates, I don’t plan to release my files publicly. However I am happy to share what I have with you if you email me at alecat@gmail.com

  2. Kanto fan

    Rescaled it on excel not word
    Used not uses
    A “)” after template
    Could you maybe share the pad or excel file
    And lastly work not word
    Really sorry about that. Thanks!

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