Selected Works

I’m inspired by animals, nature and video games – particularly Nintendo titles. I paint digitally and with watercolours and love working with my laser cutter to craft pins, LED lamps and more.

Artist Alley Staples

Bringing my fandom love to conventions is a highlight for me. These are some of my most popular pieces.

2023 Catalogue

Here’s a broader look at some of the pieces I brought to AVCon in 2023.

Table Setups

Here’s my table setup (and me) at a few recent cons!

2024 Plans

In 2024 I hope to spend some time on the following projects, readying them for the mid-year con season:

  • Who’s That Pokémon, a board game featuring 30 Pokémon illustrations. It’ll be familiar to players of Guess Who, with the mechanics adapted from Dinosaur Tea Party.
  • Side Order Palette v2 – Fully functional keyboard/macropad with customisable key mappings and unique lit keys. Modelled after the skill tree in Splatoon 3’s Side Order DLC.
  • Octo desk lamps to accompany the squid design.
  • Miniature lamps – minified versions of my lamps to suit smaller budgets.

You can keep up with me on social media for updates and progress posts on these! Links available at my homepage and the top right of this page.

Favourite Projects and Pieces

These pieces are some of the works I’m most proud of. They represent a significant undertaking or a big levelling up of my skills!

More reading

I have blog posts about some of the pieces you can see on this page! These posts dive into my creative process.

I also have a store where you can purchase some of my works at