1. Imaan

    Hi, just dropping by to say 1) This is a quality blog and 2) This project looks AMAZING. I feel like you have some amazing problem solving skills, both visually and with how you used your materials. This is really inspiring stuff. 🙂

    • Hi Imaan, it really means a lot to to read your kind comment. Thank you!

      I did enjoy flexing my noggin to work out how to make all the components in this build, and I was very lucky to have the experience of my father to fall back on when it came to developing the timber pieces. I just remembered that I actually made the mistake of using his mitre saw backwards when I tried using it unsupervised, so I was very lucky to not hurt myself while trying to cut the buildings! After that incident I decided not to work on the woodworking parts unsupervised 🙂

  2. Josie

    Wow! That was a well written blog!

    I’ve never met someone who made their own Catan set too! We made a table top version for very cheap (as we work at Donelys and have a slew of friends who have free wood and cool tech). That was interesting how your made the houses, and glad you figured out the math involved in the hexes. That was hard on cardboard too. That was a ton of work for not a huge Catan fan! Hopefully, the experience makes you like it even more. Great game, great job.

    PS. I am a huge fan of the accordion blog too! Pick it up again!

    • Josie

      We also use lego penguin (from a bat man kit) for the robber.
      Try the Barbarians and pirates expansion too. Boats would be fun to make!

    • Hi Josie! Thank you for your comments!

      My boyfriend greatly enjoys Cities and Knights and espouses it as what Catan should be. I had a terrible experience with my first Cities and Knights game however – one of those games where the dice never rolled in my favour. Nowadays there are many games I’d pick above Catan to play, but it was about the right mix of complexity and components for me to decide to make a giant version.

      One of my highschool friends made his own version of Catan too – normal sized. What I liked most about his set was the cut out circles in each hex which allowed for the number chit to sit neatly inside. I’d thought about doing the same for my giant set but I couldn’t bear the idea of having a hole in the middle of my artwork.

      You are right – I need to pick up the accordion again some time! There’s just so many projects to keep on top of, music-making definitely gets the short end of the stick 🙂

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