1. I’ll need to play some games of it with you some time. A cursory glance at the kickstarter had me assuming it’s taking a lot of influence from Elysium.

    • I think I like it more than Elysium. It does share the themed decks in common with it, but I hadn’t really thought of that link. I don’t think the themes shake up gameplay as much as Elysium having looked through all the cards.

      There isn’t the conflict between having things out to use them and having them put away for scoring, which is good for me as I tend to be bad at that aspect. Generally you want to build things bigger to get your money returns, and eventually those same big things will get you points. I dunno, I think there’s a lot more room for exploration than what we saw tonight. I’d be interested to see how well chasing the different the scoring methods might get. I feel like perhaps more blueprints may be required too, there’s few enough that you could memorise and possibly even track positions of all of them.

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