1. Kaycee

    These are great! Are you going to paint them? If I could have life size pokemon, it would probably be eevee and eeveelutions, so if you ever do those, I might die

    • Hiya,
      I haven’t been planning to paint them so far, as I like the polygon look to them. Someone just suggested painting them in flat colours, which would preserve the polygon look but would also maybe make them pop a bit – so I might investigate that.

      Hehe, the Eevees would be fun to do, I once built a large version of the chibi Eevee from Pokemon Ranch with some friends. I don’t have it anymore though 🙁

    • Hiya,
      To make them big, I just take the original papercraft models from pokemonpapercraft.net and scale them up! I am fortunate as I don’t have to create the templates myself, but that’s something I want to experiment with soon.

      Most of these are made out of cereal boxes. The Lapras is made out of a light cardboard called brown craft paper. It’s about 200gsm and normally gets used by artists as a cheapish drawing surface – I had to buy it at the art shop connected to a fine art school. Some other art shops I visited didn’t have it. That said, I much prefer using cereal box cardboard.

      (If anyone knows where I can buy thin boxboard in large sheets, let me know!)

        • I print them onto the cardboard when possible, though my printer detests me feeding the cereal boxes into it!

          For the Lapras, I had a friend with access to a large-scale plotter print the templates onto A0 paper. I then pasted them onto the cardboard.

  2. A

    Hey Althea I love the lucario! If you could email the model to me it’d be very appreciated
    All I wanna do today is build a Pokemon while watching the kanto episodes on Netflix! Thanks

  3. Marcos Vinicios

    MEU DEUS… Sempre tive o desejo de fazer os Papercraft no tamanho real dos pokemon… Graças a Deus apareceu você…

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