This past weekend I’ve been at Manifest, the Melbourne anime convention. At one of the stalls selling art supplies I had a chance to do some scribbling and try out some Copic markers.


At some point in my art history I’m sure I would have snapped up a set but now that I’m enjoying using watercolours it seems superfluous to invest in the Copics. Still, I had some good fun trying them out.

Table Trifles

Last month our friend Mark celebrated his birthday at the Grand Cru estate winery . This had also been the venue for his wedding in March, but unlike at the wedding, this time the restaurant had the tables set up with crayons and paper. The only logical course of action was to draw.


Another attempt at a familiar idea. If I could be bothered I think there are some interesting comparisons and contrasts to draw here in terms of execution and themes.