1. Oh, cool! I’d love to know more about the processes/tools you’re using to make this lamp!

    I also bounce around between interests to get Blaugust done – in fact, I have a bunch of posts about my model horses in my pocket that I can fall back on to fill in the holes between actual posts. Writing is the important thing, though!

    • Model horses sounds like a delightful fallback! I’ve definitely found that the years I’ve mostly done well at the blogging challenges are ones where I’ve either had a very rigid plan that I could stick to, planning posts in the days leading up to them OR they were the years that I said “eh, doesn’t matter if I even write something, let’s just put *something* up”. The recent advent of the Avian August challenge means that I’ll usually have to compromise between drawing a bird or writing something more substantial for the blog, but my original Blaugust challenge was designed to make me post more art here so maybe it all comes full circle.

      I have incidentally done a writeup of one of my previous lamp designs, but it’s all text and no images. Over on Instagram I also uploaded a reel that shows some of the steps. Maybe a Blaugust project will be to tie these things together to finish off the guide properly.

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