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  1. The trick is managing to keep up with my own ridiculous blogging expectations as well! How am I supposed to fit in an email?

    I really do enjoy the encouragement of having other folk playing along, whether that’s blogging themselves or making attempts at the quiz. For that, I’m willing to compromise on some things, but honestly these days the other Blaugust is much more chilled and doesn’t set the kind of crazy limitations that it used to. It’s a good time (though it does mean yet another busy discord server to distract me from productivity!).

    It’s fun to bounce ideas off folks. It’s not quite the same as the early years of taking ideas from you and Connells and just running with them, but I do enjoy getting to know a little bit about humans from their writing.

    Anyways, I hope you get a chance to make some art this month, and I look forward to seeing it if you do.

    And hey, you never know, you might even get that email sometime.

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