1. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece, Aletha. What a fantastic surprise to find this this morning. You’ve captured Zurida and one of her central conflicts so beautifully. I love this.

        • Haha, no worries Brock. Glad you enjoyed the painting.

          I also realised that Spy Gal technically fits my “Ladies with three-syllable names that end in A” criteria so a part of me is a little disappointed that I didn’t do a Zurida/Spy Gal painting instead. Hang on a moment… Star Maiden also qualifies! Hm… maybe there’ll be a bonus painting next month…

          • You could also add Dr Rocket (Nikola), Star Maiden’s mother (Niada), Spy Gal’s daughter (Sylvia), Cap’s first wife (Samantha) and, uh… the giant panda from the Swifty origin story? I got nothin’.

            Anyway, I think it comes out a bit better digitally than it did when I saw it last night, even if that’s just because my monitor is much brighter than the lighting we have indoors. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with green.

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