Daffodil Sketch

I have been a bit lazy today and also have had some evening commitments. So in a familiar Blaugust daze I had no idea what to do for today’s post. Pretty dire situation for a weekend!

There’s a few other things I wanted to do tonight so I decided to set a 10 minute timer. I wanted to keep Blaugust momentum up but I didn’t want to feel chained to dedicating a long time to a post, so the 10 minute timer really distils down the essence of my approach to Blaugust – do stuff, post it, don’t worry so much about quality.

As we were unloading from the car this evening I remembered these daffodils that are growing in my front driveway. My nieces planted them on a previous visit and they’re flowering in their full glory. I had taken some photos to send to my nieces so I had a handy reference to hand.

Here’s what was on my canvas at the end of my 10 minutes.

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