1. Emily

    Hello! I am a novice accordionist and yours is the only Sailor Moon theme sheet music I could find so thank you so much for putting it together! I’m trying to piece together section 23-24. Is it meant to all be played on the bass row? There is no counterbass notation and I looked up that notes that start where the first note of it is are meant to be played as a chord so is it a mix of major chord and bass? Thanks again!

    • It’s been a while so I can’t remember exactly, but I found the midi that was generated when I transcribed the sheet music and from listening to that I think the intention was that they’re all to be played on the bass.

      I would have to come at it from square one again to work out a recommended fingering for them.

      I never did get fluent at this piece, so I’d love to hear your version of it!

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