1. We stumbled across this and are OVER THE MOON! Beautiful watercolors, and you captured Kivar especially well ^^ Ushala’s nose is SO IMPORTANT. The big hair and the Carrion’s Crown are of course also key ^^ Wait until you see her new outfit! I hope you’ll want to paint that, too. In the meantime, if you email me your pieces, I will put them in our next print book (with sooo much credit to you of course) and in our fanart gallery when we make it ^^

    The Gorgonist and Nate (the writer)

    • Whoa I have been lazy at replying to this. I’m glad you like it! The full-res scan is on a computer I rarely turn on (it gets used only for scanning these days) but I’ll see if I can get the file to you – I’d be honoured to be in the book 😀

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