Blaugust 2012 Roundup

I’ve just back-updated the missing posts from Wednesday through to Friday, and I figured that while I’m here I’d do a quick summary of all of the posts I’ve made during August, sorted by day.

Wednesdays: Pieces from Life Drawing classes

Thursdays: Crafts and construction

Fridays: Duck photos

Saturdays: Walkthroughs

Sundays: Recipes

Mondays: Digital Art. (Well, that was the plan. Just became “whatever art”, much like Tuesdays drifted away from being watercolours)

Tuesdays: Watercolours

Whew! It feels good to have been able to put something up for every day of August. My goal over the next year is to not stockpile all this stuff like I did this year, but to instead post things as I complete them. Might put me in a corner for next Blog-fest, though…

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