1. Narts

    This is cool. I really like the composition. I’m just not too fond of the greenish yellow colouring.

    I wonder if it would look better if you inked the lineart… I have a feeling it would go well with your style of painting.

    Other thing you could try would be just to be bolder with shading. There could be loads more contrast here. The dragon especially I feel could be lots darker.

  2. Cheers – on a composition note I found it also crops really neatly as a portrait image. I suppose swirls and concentric lines just flow nicely that way and look pleasing no matter what.

    I really made a mistake going into this image in terms of the colours – I had no idea what I was doing and made it up on the fly. Not sure what you’re seeing either – I’ve had a lot of trouble colour correcting the colours in my watercolour scans. Anyway, I’m lucky it turned out as cohesive as it did – not to say it’s particularly so – but it’s not a complete wash. (Hur hur watercolour pun)

    I’ve noted before that I’m pretty timid about shading darkly in watercolour because there’s no taking back a mistake – though I think the dragon is some of the most layered darks I’ve done. This piece has given me more confidence though so going into future ones I will try to keep pushing the darks.

    Finally lineart… I’ll have a think about that, especially since I now have a printer to transfer my sketches.

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