Guest Post #4 by Connell Wood

Connell got this one to me early, but you guys get it the same time as usual. Also, he hints that there might be a second bonus update from him this week…

I was somewhat hesitant to make this comic with myself and Helena as the characters (again), but it is always easier to use characters I am familiar with!

I originally planned a comic which would have shared the first two panels, but then the guy has himself frozen for fifty years so he can write “Twilight with Predators”, with the warrior aliens from the Predators films hunting down sparkly vampires. But when I explained the concept to someone, the response was “….OK”, so I thought maybe with snappier writing and a different punchline the setup could still work. Also, I like the comic instead ending with the rejection, and that could be an interesting running gag to go with, where my character is seen having one idea or another knocked back for being silly or offensive. Or both!

Also, I know not all english translations of the Bible are public domain. Pretend it is the King James Version, or something.


  1. Actually, for works published after 1955, copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author. For Twilight, you’d have to kill Stephanie Meyer, then freeze yourself for 70 years, thereby doing the world a great service, but depriving us of your wonderful talent.
    I need to know this sort of thing because I love infringing copyright.

    • Copyright is basically going to get extended as long as Disney keeps up their campaign to have Mickey out of the public domain… but copyright rules differ by region too, don’t they?

      I used to also be up on these IP rules but I’m behind on the curve now.

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