Help decide the six ties that will travel with UnwiseOwl to Oxford!

The Liberty Party (LIB)

The Liberty Party consist of those ties that are bright enough to make me smile every time that I see them, but just a little too bright to be appropriate in an office environment. They're wedding ties, mostly.
The Liberty Party (LIB) Carribean Silk The Yellow Thai Green Sakura Bad at Tetris Crimson Tide

The Conservative Party (CON)

The Conservative party are dependable, solid manager types. The kind of ties that never draw comment. This isn't to say that they're boring, they're just the sort of tie that Bill Shorten would wear. The party leader, Polytetrafluoroethtielene, is Mrs. Owl's favourite. I'm not sure what that says about her.
The Conservative Party (CON) Polytetrafluoroethtielene The Gopher The Straight and Narrow Thin Blue Line Thin Red Line The Islander Grandma's Couch Flashy Suit

The Dad Party (DAD)

The Dad party is made up of the kind of ties that your dad used to wear in those photos from when you were a little kid, but now sit rotting in the back of the wardrobe.
The Dad Party (DAD) Electric Boogaloo Grade Four Teacher All Aboard Rumanian Garden Party Tiny Teddies The Smiths Tropical Clouds The Father-in-Law Dalmation Question

The Christmas Party (CHR)

The Christmas party split from the Cartoon party after a bit of a falling out over how funny Christmas crackers are. They're the only party with a catchy campaign song.
The Christmas Party (CHR) Tanenbaum Elf 1 Ho Ho Oh No Elf 2

The Democratic Party (DEM)

The Democratic Party are a the centrist party that forms the middle ground between the Liberals and the Conservatives. You can wear them to work but they're probably going to get comments.
The Democratic Party (DEM) The Travelator The Crimson Peacock Binary State Yellow River Donkey Congo The Tiesellator Infinite Apartment

The Dotty Party (DOT)

The Dotty party aren't really anybody's favourites, but they get a lot of support in rural areas. They've previously supported the Conservatives to form a government.
The Dotty Party (DOT) The Amicable Vicar Invictus The Mycroft Fade to Blue The Garbo Prince of Persia Eye of Saruman Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

The U.N.C.L.E. Alliance (UNC)

The U.N.C.L.E. alliance is made up of the kind of ties that appeal to those weird uncles. There's the Aussie Tie Uncle, the Bow Tie Uncle, and the Uncle That Still Wears His School Tie.
The U.N.C.L.E Alliance (UNC) Australian Orienteer Penny Black Great and Small Lemon Lime and Connells Penny Green Tie-ota The Classic Telecom

The Cartoonist's Party (CAR)

No-one messes with the Cartoonist's Party because they don't want to be the next target.
The Cartoonist's Party (CAR) Oh Tintin, My Tintin Oh Mickey, You're So Fine Internet 1.0 Mouses Send in Sinatra Mister Hyde Steak Sandwich

The Paisley Coalition (PAI)

The Paisley Coalition is an amalgam of the previous Paisley Party and the Diagonal Lines Party. This diversity works surprisingly well for them.
The Paisley Coalition (PAI) Popular Penguins The Red Wedding M.C. 4 Lyfe Construction Site Vintage Wallpaper The Postman Delivers Both Sides Now Spud Fibulae Jugulum The Clone Rot Stops Here
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