About Me

I am a newly graduated Computer Systems Engineer, with an interest in art and crafts. Not only have I just graduated from my degree, but I’m also taking a step up from drawing and scribbling throughout university, to indulging my hobby by undertaking evening art classes. My artwork covers all sorts of styles and media, my current favourites being digital and watercolour.

I have had a number of online galleries in the past, but I will be attempting something different with this blog – I won’t restrict myself to showing off only my best. Here I hope to share my incomplete works, and maybe even my failures, and by doing so I hope my art will improve.

About “Proairesis”

A number of years ago when I wanted to name my website, I flipped through my mother’s trusty, old, tattered dictionary. This dictionary contains a number of archaic words but also has some interesting spins on word definitions. My eye landed on Proairesis, defined as “the act of choosing”.

For someone who often finds making decisions quite difficult, I thought it an interesting name. At the time I tried to find more about the word and its etymology but didn’t find much. Now, you can find out about the concept of Prohairesis at our good friend, Wikipedia.